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The Stealth Operator Holster Series has caused quite a stir in the industry with its simple design and multitude of fits. Accordingly, we often receive queries from our loyal customers. Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Do you make a holster that fits my [handgun model]?

The short answer is: maybe! The beauty of the Stealth Operator Holster Series is in its simplicity. We offer only three products: the Full Size, Compact, and Twin Mag. Each were engineered to accommodate over 150 unique handgun models, without changing the design or adjusting dimensions. So it's entirely possible that your [handgun model] fits like a glove!

We recommend trying it before you buy it, or consulting our Will Fit Chart. And keep in mind, this chart is updated daily as we receive emails and phone calls from our loyal customers. Check back often, and don't hesitate to contact us with your own Will Fits!

Do you make a left handed holster?

Yes! We have left-handed outside the waistband (OWB) compacts in black and coyote, as well as left-handed inside the waistband (IWB) compacts in black.

Why is retention so tight on my [handgun model]?

Each of the over-150 models of handguns will have its own fit characteristics. While the Stealth Operator Holster Series IS designed to accommodate a vast number of firearms without adjustment, that doesn't always translate to a perfect fit every time. Additionally, the holster is intended for use on a stiff, 1.5" belt. A loose belt - or one smaller than 1.5" - will make it feel as if the holster is tighter than necessary. Normal training and everyday use will improve the feel of the retention.

My holster's edges are sharp. Can this be changed?

Absolutely! Simply take a small bit of sandpaper, emery cloth, or your favorite rotary tool to any edge and smooth it over to your liking. Don't worry; it won't compromise the holster's performance.

My holster's hardware has loosened over time. Is this normal? And how do I fix it?

Upon assembly by our all-American crew, the fasteners of each Stealth Operator Holster are treated with a premium thread sealant. This compound is designed to resist the vibration and light shock of both transport and everyday use. It is NOT intended to permanently bond the fastener. Should you wish to tighten your hardware back to factory specs, simply use a screwdriver and your thread sealant of choice. 

Where is the Stealth Operator Holster Series manufactured? And will there be future models which improve upon or expand the existing product?

The Stealth Operator is proudly manufactured in Gainesville, FL. And yes! We are always developing, so stay tuned.