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“I show the holster to everyone because it’s awesome! I can’t tell you how many times I have to switch pistols out on the range and it really seems like it will make life a lot easier.”

“The holster fit my GLOCK pistols (G19 & G26) well and was very comfortable to wear. There was no chance of the gun falling out of the holster, yet I could draw quickly. The fit was excellent and I liked the high cut allowing me to get a firing grip while drawing from the holster. The holster was stable on my belt and the angle of the pistol grip was near perfect.”

“I wore the Stealth Operator Compact and Twin Mag all last week and I’m still wearing it today. I really think you’ve got a great product here!”

"Greetings. I got the Stealth Operator Holster - Model 50050 and carrying a Glock 19 in it... Fits nice and tight against the body without the normal 'wiggle' and 'shake' syndrome.... I live in Keystone Heights and would love to drop by when I make one of my frequent trips to Gainesville... Your packaging is creative and stands out well on the shelves.... Just sent pics to my two sons (one a policeman) and both want me to head back to Micanopy, Florida to get each of them one.... They both live in WV so you will have some exposure up here."

“Overall, I am impressed!”


The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT)

Date: January 19 - 22, 2016
Booth: 8002
Location: Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV 
Start: 8:30 am 
End: 4:00 pm 
Description: conference and trade show for the firearms, ammunition, hunting, and sporting accessories industry