From one American-made company to another, the HG9SCMS from Honor Defense and Compact Stealth Operator by Phalanx Defense Systems are a perfect match.

Honor Defense is a small company in Gainesville, GA, that is crafting quality firearms with key features for a superior shooting experience. With this kind of craftsmanship, customers will often need custom holsters or loose universal holsters. However, Phalanx Defense System of Gainesville, FL, makes the Stealth Operator line of holsters. The Frame-Lock TechnologyTM on the Stealth Operator means that it is one of the only holsters on the market that can hold the HG9SCMS with positive retention.

The Stealth Operator is not made out of KYDEX®, but rather a high-strength polymer, so the inside of the holster wont wear or rub the finish off your Honor Guard Pistol, which comes in many color options. The holster is lightweight, durable and flexible enough to retain guns of varying sizes. With the Honor Guard and Stealth Operator Holster having lifetime warranty’s you know that your everyday carry is the pride of our two companies.

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