A Female’s Perspective on Owning a Stealth Operator Holster

Confidence and familiarity with a holstered firearm is important in order to be your own protector

A female’s perspective on the importance of a holster to your everyday carry

As a female and a concealed carry license holder, protector of my family and a person with a passion for target shooting, I am very particular about my holsters. I have half a dozen handguns, and – for all of them – I use my Compact Stealth Operator holster. I wear it every day – and have done so for years – because the world is an uncertain place, and I want to be as in control of my destiny as possible. From working in the outdoor sporting industry, I know that I am not alone in this as I have seen more and more women walking through the doors of gun shops to purchase for themselves.

What I want all of those women to know: purchasing your firearm is just the first step in self-protection. Safety is important and everyone should take classes and practice with their firearm. Being confident is just as important as making sure you are comfortable wearing your firearm, so that you have it on you should the time come when you need it.

That all comes to down to making sure you have the right holster. There are not a lot of companies out there that consider the needs of a woman in their holster design, but the flexibility and sleekness of the Stealth Operator has won me over. Here are several of the points I considered when finding the holster that was right for me:

(IWB) Inside The Waist Band

(OWB) Outside The Waist Band



I wanted a holster that I could use with my current clothing. I assumed that adding something to my waist would mean hiding extra bulk there and buying a new wardrobe to accommodate it, but I was wrong. The Stealth Operator actually conforms to the body, allowing me the benefit of comfort, and  making it easier to conceal. With the Stealth Operators low profile and because it is made of a highly flexible polymer and not out of Kydex, I was able to do all my normal daily activities with the holster essentially molded to my body and not jutting away from it in an obvious fashion. Both the IWB (inside the waist band) and OWB (outside the waist band) options have the same body contour, so I can carry in comfort whichever style I choose.


One thing I know from personal and retail experience is there were not a lot of safe options for women when it came to choosing a holster. Most holsters marketed toward women do not protect the trigger guard area and don’t offer positive retention. What many of the female-targeted holster do offer is the benefit of concealment underneath clothes that often times are more form-fitting than men’s wear. The Compact Stealth Operator brings sleek and comfortable to  the everyday carry options for women, without sacrificing the safety of retention and proper trigger guard. It is non-tactical looking, which gives the option to wear it with many different clothing styles. Not only does it look good for open carry on the range, but it hugs the body just right so that even a thin shirt can keep my firearm concealed.

Pictured above are just two really fashionable ways to wear a holster as a woman from HowICarry. Take a look at our Instagram for more ideas from her and others to incorporate your everyday carry into your wardrobe.

Holster Training

Being able to use the Stealth Operator for more than 150+ firearm models, I can practice drawing all of my guns from the same holster. Using techniques that I learned from classes and other seasoned concealed carry weapon holders, I was able to build confidence in my accuracy to do this motion the same every time no matter what I am carrying that day. Imagine having to learn how to un-holster from multiple different holsters? The chances for decreased accuracy and speed were not worth it, let alone the price of having to purchase a unique holster for each firearm I own.

Key points when choosing a holster

When choosing a holster option, you need to make sure nothing can come between your trigger and trigger guard area. Just because it covers the trigger does not make it safe.  This is rule number one in choosing a reliable holster. With the Stealth Operator you can insure that your trigger is completely covered from any obstructions or daily activities. You also want to make sure you have a holster that provides positive retention so that the firearm doesn’t jiggle around while wearing it. The Stealth Operator provides reliable positive retention on over 150 models this means that your firearm wont fall out. You can check the will-fit list to see if your firearm made the cut HERE.  Most multi-fit holsters do not provide a frame-lock for a secure fit but Stealth Operator knows what you need to carry your firearms safely.  Being confident and knowing your holster is the start to being a concealed weapon holder. Check out the Blog to see customer submitted photos and reviews.

About the Author: Julie is a mom, partner and avid outdoors woman. She has worked in the hunting/fishing/firearms/outdoor sporting industry for many years and on the weekends you’ll find her enjoying the Florida weather and natural springs, hanging out with family, hunting, volunteering for local charitable organizations and spending time at the range.



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