Geauga Firearms Academy Reviews The Stealth Operator

Geauga Firearms Academy reviews the Stealth Operator Compact Series™ holster from Phalanx Defense Systems, L.L.C

“As a firearms instructor, this is huge for me to have a holster that is so versatile.”

“The jack of all trades”

Key points in this video:

  • If you are running a bunch of guns it makes it convenient
  • Good to go with any double stack
  • Conceal carry
  • Holds tight to the body
  • Retention is solid
  • Jack of all trades

Guns Mentioned:

  • Glock 19 (with raised slide)
  • SIG P320 X Carry
  • M&P
  • CZ P10C
  • Glock 17 (with strike industries comp)

You can follow Geauga Firearms Academy on Youtube for more information.


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