Quick Release Rig System

Take Your Carrier To A High Speed Level

Sold by our partners Blaze Defense Systems

First Responders of all types have wrestled with hook and loop fasteners since carriers were first designed. This is a problem of the past when you convert your closure system to the Phalanx Quick Release Rig (QRR).

The QRR attaches to the underside of the front flap and the MOLLE/PALS of your side cummerbund found on most carriers and vests. You simply “sandwich” the QRR flap between your outer flap and the carrier and attach the MOLLE/PALS portion of the QRR at a position which gives you the best fit. Any plate carrier or vest which utilizes a cummerbund or MOLLE/PALS waist enclosure system can be upgraded. Getting in and out of your vest has never been easier. Try it! You will never again wear a rig without the QRR.

  • GT Cobra™ nylon buckles
  • Cobra™ metal buckles
  • FirstSpear® Tubes™
  • Various webbing colors and patterns