Multi-Fit Leather Holster

  • Fits Compacts

  • Fits Long-Slides

  • Fits 1911s

  • Fits Modern Revolvers

  • Fits Western-Frame Revolvers

A Configurable Premium Leather Holster

The Stealth Operator Leather Holster is the newest premium offering from Stealth Operator Multi-Fit Holsters that lets you configure your holster fit just the way you want it. It is the first leather holster in the industry to be equipped for both inner and outer waistband use while having a multi-level adjustable (or removable!) retention strap to fit most firearms.

This holster fits twice as many firearms as its nylon polymer cousin. Try it with compacts, long slides, 1911s, large and medium modern revolvers, and large and small western revolvers.


Configuration: IWB


Configuration: Standard OWB


Configuration: Low-Print OWB


Available for Righties & Lefties

Right Hand – Multi-Fit Leather Holster
Left Hand – Multi-Fit Leather Holster

Quick Specs

  • Fits 300+ different guns
  • Built-in IWB Clip and OWB Belt Loop
  • Flexible black leather shell and sweat guard
  • Vegetable-Tanned leather won’t stain clothing or skin
  • 3-Level adjustable security strap for OWB wear
  • Removable security strap for IWB wear
  • 1-Year warranty on parts & manufacturing

Multi-Fit Leather Holster FAQs

Is this a universal holster?

While our Leather Holster is part of our Multi-Fit family of products, this is actually a universal holster. The flexible leather pocket can accommodate most compacts, long-slides, 1911s, medium- and large-frame modern revolvers, and small- and large-frame western revolvers. If you have a sub-compact gun, this particular holster might be too large.

How do I test fitment?

Our Leather Holster comes on try-it-before-you-buy-it packaging. In the store or when you receive your delivery, please test for general fit before removing the packaging.

As with all of our other holsters, fitment is the personal preference of the user. We may, from time to time, share suggested fitments from other users, but that does not represent a definitive fitment standard.

We recommend testing and carrying the holster with an unloaded firearm. Attach the holster in your chosen configuration and ensure the gun stays in place throughout your range of motion either through a friction hold in IWB use or with the security strap in OWB use.

It is also recommended that you take your holster to a gun safety course or training facility to have additional expertise on fitment and holster use technique.

What is the best way to wear this holster?

The best way to wear this holster is based on what maximizes the security of your firearm while remaining comfortable for you throughout the day.

The holster can be worn at the waist in either an IWB or OWB configuration and can be placed on the front, side or back of the waist, depending upon your preference.

Why are there two OWB Configurations?

We offer a traditional OWB belt loop configuration. You’ll find belts made of stiff material, like duty belts, will hold the holster firmly against the body in this configuration.

If your belt is made of leather or is more slim, we suggest using our second OWB configuration, where the holster is attached via the front clip while sitting outside of the pants. This should limit printing or the weight of the firearm causing the holster to pull away from the body.

What size belt works with this holster?

The holster will fit belts ranging from 1.5″ – 2.25″. If wearing in the OWB configuration, the belt loop is made to accommodate a duty belt, though can accept slimmer models. If you have a belt at the low end of the range, try both OWB configurations to see which gives you the fit you want.

Is this holster adjustable?

The adjustable portion of this holster is the security strap, which is recommended for all OWB configurations. The security strap can be threaded through three different levels to create the appropriate fitment for your selected firearm.

How do I get a replacement security strap?

If you need a new security strap, please click here.

Will the leather stain my clothes or skin?

This leather was tanned using organic vegetable oil. It should not cause pigment transfer to skin or clothing, even when wet.

What is the warranty policy?

Our Leather Holster has a 1-year warranty on parts and manufacturing. Our customer service team may ask for to inspect the product to determine if it is within warranty. You’ll be required to supply proof of purchase. For more information on the warranty, please see our Holster Warranties page.

Misplaced security straps are not part of the warranty protection and can be purchased separately, if needed.

Can I return my holster?

If you have purchased your Leather Holster from our website, we offer a 30-day return policy. We may ask you for proof of purchase to verify the details if we cannot find your information in our system. We will send you a pre-paid label to return the holster.

If you have purchased your holster from a store, we recommend returning the item there. If you are attempting to replace the item due to a defect, please see our warranty policy.

Will this holster accommodate my gun accessories?

The Leather Holster was not designed to fit the large variety of accessories on the market. If your accessory is low-profile, it may fit. We suggest the combination of a particular firearm and accessory will be tested by you for safety and security to determine proper fitment.